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The team at Derek’s is a group of Salon Entrepreneurs; all are Stylists in business for themselves. So we’re looking for something a little different from our candidates.

At Derek’s you’ll be running your own salon, setting your own appointments, selling your own retail, building your own clientele as well as growing your stylistic talents through working among Master Stylists and by participating in seminars, workshops and other educational opportunities.

We want people determined to rise to the occasion, who are excited to build a business and watch it succeed. It won’t be difficult to engage your clientele in what Derek’s has to offer, so we invite you to come prepared to talk with us about your goals, not just your skills.


Looking specifically for:

An Experienced Esthetician: waxing, facials, eyelashes, make up application, exfoliating treatments.

Master Stylist with following: Greenville location